Enhance your in-store promotions

with digbil digital signage solutions


Content creation is no longer a pain. Deck Editor enables you to easily create motion graphics to any image you already have.



Manage your in-store promotional campaigns from any browser. All you need is a computer or smart device – and you're set.



If you already know how to use PowerPoint or Keynote, you’ll be creating content for your sign in seconds.


If you’d like full production media content, contact us at info@digbil.com. We specialize in creating compelling experiences through interactive design uniquely for digital signage.

digbil connects you to the right audience.

Deliver targeted communications based on in-store demographics. Our easy-to-use solution combines the power of gender- and age-based analytics with content management - so your messaging is automatically powered to reach the right people at locations of your choice.

digbil is changing the way your clients looks at you.

With the easy to use content management dashboard, you can tailor your messages to correspond with specific day parts. This enables you to provide a better customer experience and enhance your brand’s equity.

digbil knows what to promote, before you know it.

Our signage platform can be synced to your POS, supply chain, or inventory management systems, therefore getting data that enables you to customize content triggers based on inventory levels, sales numbers, seasons, or in any other possibility you may find. All deployed automatically!

QSRs can now promote secondary services such as catering, event bookings like birthday parties, and promotional events - like a yearly picnic or charity drive.

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