Your content plays from inside the box.

Our solution enables you to think outside of it.
digbil digital signage nucleus box


nucleus™ is a dust, water, and tamper resistant, self-contained enclosure designed with support for specific hardware combinations based on your application requirements.

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It’s a purposeful system designed to evolve easily and simultaneously with your business requirements. Changing components to add to or lighten signage capabilities is as simple as replacing a coffee filter. Update graphic cards, upgrade motherboards, add local storage - adapt nucleus™ to your needs whenever required.



nucleus™ also enables you to set up a SmartQSR from a centralized point due to the ability to host and analyze data such as demographics, temperature, POS systems, NFC sensors and more.

Place nucleus™ at the back of the house while the front of the house runs flawlessly with interactive content that drives customer engagement.


Supports simultaneous playback on up to 12 signs. This means your content can be screened on up to 12 independent signs or on one video wall.

One secured location for all your store signage. nucleus™ provides a centralized hardware control for all your signage needs.

Installs quickly and painlessly. Industrial caliber hardware that withstands fires and floods, and is earthquake proof.

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