Action meets re-action

with digbil interactive solutions


Upgrade your interaction with your customers. Increase their engagement and loyalty by transforming their visit into an engaging experience that will uplift the perception of your brand.



Our solution enables the creation and remote distribution of various interactive options. From QR codes and NFC, to touch screen games and social media integration – you dream it, we can do it.



But it doesn’t stop there: we bring interactivity to a whole new level. Our software, fusion™, can sync with local sensors and triggers that can be used to create campaigns.


For more on how to make your interactive visual communications reach a higher level that increases viewership, engages your target audiences, and maximizes your ROI, contact us at

Our interactive features enable your content to display based on in-store demographics or the outside weather.

Imagine automated "special offers for facebook likes" based on real-time levels of product inventory. fusion™ enables you to do this as well as a whole host of other social media-based promotions.

Even Point-of-Sales metrics, or any other triggers that you designate, can drive your interactive campaign without your manual input.

"If managers use waiting time as a tool to deliver messages about their product, the intention to revisit or satisfaction with products will increase."

Bae & Kim, University of Missouri-Columbia

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