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What digital signage solutions do you provide?

digbil provides two versions of its digital signage management solution.

Enterprise: This version of our digital signage solution manages multiple digital signs and comes complete with additional capabilities such as adding demographic data collection and analysis; integration with third-party applications (ex: POS systems, NFC, etc.); and designation of multiple administrative control levels.

Both versions have a well-documented open API empowering your developers’ potential to dream up and implement any additional applications their minds desire.

Lite: This particular offering is tailored to small and medium businesses (SMBs) that need to control a single sign. Scheduling media campaigns is as easy as marking an event on your calendar thanks to integration with Google Calendars. So all you need is an internet connection and a sign.

This ensures that no matter the size of your business or which solution you choose, we will be helping you to keep your content fresh.

To what scale can your solution be applied?

With one simple upload, you can roll out changes across your entire global footprint – whether this consists of multi-regional campaign rollouts over an infinite, ever-expanding number of screens – or one customer-facing sign in one single store.

How does content deploy from your virtual player?

You - or the designated user(s) - creates content, which is uploaded to the virtual sign player. Then the content is deployed either manually or automatically via our platform, depending on when and how often you would like to play your content.

All content can be deployed within minutes of uploading to fusion™.

  •   What to do for content to be played once for a special occasion:

  •              Push content deployment manually. May play at one, or, multiple signs at a designated time within minutes.

  •  What to do for content that will play more than once, at designated intervals:

  •              Push content automatically. This is achieved through using the "virtual calendar" to schedule the content at desired intervals.
                 You may also configure specific triggers such as weather, time of day, presence of certain demographics in-store (Enterprise
                 Solution only) or other rules, that enable your content to display automatically.

How do your solutions assist/enhance content creation?

Our solutions come with the following built-in features to facilitate linear and non-linear content creation efforts.

  •   An HTML5 and browser-based editor (Media Editor)

  •   A pre-loaded layout template library

  •   The following widgets:

  •                     o Local weather

                        o Clock

                        o Social Media (Twitter/Facebook/flickr/etc).

                        o RSS

                        o Photos (uploaded, flickr, instagram)

                        o Scrolling Text Bar - News Ticker

  •   SD and HD (the latter available as an option with our Enterprise Solution) quality video upload & playback

  •   Multi-screen configurations

  •   Local sensor and trigger supports

  •   Local video analytics reporting
What are the main components of your solutions?

digbil's Enterprise Solution consists of four basic components.

o The display.*

o Cables.

o The digbil Local Signage Server/ nucleus™.

o The cloud / fusion™.

digbil's SMB Solution consists of the following.

o The display.

o The cloud / fusion™.

The only additional component you'll need to provide is an internet connection.

* We can provide screens to play your content on if needed. However, our solutions are also compatible with pre-existing hardware already incorporated as part of your own in-storage signage.

What sort of security features do your solutions provide?

Our hardware is tamper-proof.

Our software is backed by AWS - the CIA and NASA use AWS, so we’re in good company when it comes to relying on a secured data center.

Apart from that, our software puts customizable controls directly in the hands of our customers: it features the capability to designate different levels of permissions by users via any combination of creating, reviewing, modifying and removing signage content.

These types of permissions can be modified at any time.

What if I lose my internet connection?

Both versions of our solution feature offline playback in the event of interruption of an internet connection.

Media uploaded to our web-based player only utilizes the internet bandwidth required for just that. It is then directly stored to, and played requiring no additional streaming from the Internet.

In what way are you better/cheaper than client-server solutions?

Our solution is cloud-based, what this means is that the process of scaling up (or down) no longer requires buying additional servers or getting rid of unnecessary ones. No longer will you need to pay up-front for IT you don’t need. Pay only for what you use.

Additional costs that are reduced or completely eliminated by using our solutions are: requirements associated with developing and running related services such as research and development; housing and maintenance of servers and any complementary / supplementary infrastructure; and the labor, time and cost associated with these processes.

How is your solution built to withstand the QSR environment?

Our hardware – the nucleus™ – is a self-contained enclosure that is dust, water and tamper resistant, that can be kept under lock-and-key. In addition, it also features built-in temperature, CPU, and general system controls.

Does your solution work with any sign and player hardware?

Both of our solutions are sign and HW agnostics, but the enterprise version has preferences such as Linux and/or Chromium/Chrome OS. For a detail list of requirements, please email us at

Have additional questions?

Subscribers to digbil’s offerings receive responses via e-mail to technical inquiries within 24 hours. For general inquiries, feel free to reach out to us at

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